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Brent Sauley has been building homes from the age of fifteen.Brent Sauley embarked on his building career at the early age of fifteen and soon realized after graduating from Ball State University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing that his true passion was still to build homes. One could say, “it’s in his blood,” since he is a third generation home builder.

Like the generations before him, Brent didn’t want to build just any home. He wanted to build custom homes that were unique and diversified.

In 1999, realizing there was a need for true custom builders, he moved to Northern Kentucky, became Sauley Homes, LLC and has been succesfully building dream homes ever since.

Brent Sauley’s knowledge, dedication, honesty, and pride in his product are a true reflection in each and every home he builds. He is a builder who cares, and it reflects in every home he builds.

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